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Voice Prompts (IVR)

Voice Prompts (IVR)

Professional Voice Mail Greetings (also known as Auto Attendant or Interactive Voice Recognition) can set the moods of clients or customers calling. Businesses which provide professional sounding voice mail greetings on their business lines tend to set the standards when it comes to what kind of customer or consumer care the person calling will expect from the company and what they will receive.

Professionally done messages can send a positive impression to the caller while a mediocre one will not only send a negative vibe but can also make the person calling feel alienated.

Business owners who want to project a competent and polished image should have professional Voice Prompt greetings which are clear, useful as well as informative.

How it Works

Voice Prompts or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is the technology that let you interact with a menu using a touch-tone telephone. Generally, the system plays pre-recorded Voice Prompts to which the person presses a number on a telephone keypad to select the option chosen, or numbers in answer to the voice prompts.

  1. We review your script, our Copywriters will review your scripts for phonetics and enunciation.
  2. We choose the Voice Talent that will best represent your business.
    1. Talents available in all languages including English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Russian, Turkish, British-English, Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, German, Italian.
  3. We record the prompts in our cutting-edge voice studio.
  4. The prompts are proofed, formatted and labelled for your system
  5. We’ll send you the finished product ready to upload into your phone system.
Bonus, love it or we re-do it! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Ready to get started?

Professional prompts in 5 working days

Our voice prompts files are produced & mastered in our professional state-of-the-art recording studio and are optimised for exceptionally smooth playback over any phone system. Delivered in the audio file format of your choice. On-Hold Marketing offers the best in voice prompts recording. With our large pool of professional voice talents, we make it our mission to deliver the very best voice prompts recordings available anywhere.

Voicemail Greetings

Business owners who want to project a competent and polished image should have professional voice mail greetings which are clear, useful as well as informative.

The usual voice mail contains the greeting, the name of the person speaking or the company name and department, provide information about an operator they can contact if applicable or state the reason why the person needed cannot come to the phone.

An invitation to leave a message and when is the soonest time they can expect a return call is also expected. Professional voice mail greetings, as a rule, should never be more than 20 seconds.

Professional Voice Mail Greetings will REINFORCE the image, that the company is competent, reliable and believes in quality service.