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Messages OnHold

Messages On Hold

People who call your business usually call because they want to, and putting them on hold in silence for anything longer than a few seconds is a good way to lose the caller for good. Studies have shown that callers have a threshold of less than 40 seconds when faced with silence.

It is a great way to use the phone to promote your product or service without annoying your prospective customer. Messages on hold benefits both you and your customer.

Messages on hold are one of the smartest, easiest, and least expensive ways to reach your target audience. It can turn dead air into a productive marketing strategy and ensure a positive business image.

How it Works

A customised Message On Hold consists of several promotional messages about your business, each from 30 to 45 seconds in length. These messages play consecutively, in an endless stream, over a suitable background of music.

We create a script for you

Your account manager will contact you to discuss your script brief, this generally contains 6 – 8 key messages that promote your products and services.  From this our UK award winning journalist will create a message program designed specifically for your business. Our goal is to create a compelling content that delivers the right results for you. You can get involved in the writing process as much or as little as you want its completely your choice.

The very first draft

You will then receive the “very first draft” of your On-Hold Marketing script. You may make as many changes to this script as you like. Changes can be submitted via email or telephone. Once you approved it, your script will be scheduled for production.

Off to Production!

Our Production Department will have your script read by professional TV and Radio male and female voice talent. Your custom messages are mixed over appropriate background music. Your telephone On-Hold soundtrack will be ready within 5 working days from final script approval.


Your telephone On-Hold soundtrack and/or equipment will be dispatch to you and we will then arrange for a professional phone technician to attend to the installation at your site/s within 5 working days. The MP3 Player for telephone systems then streams 24 hours a day; your callers hear your message, starting from whatever portion of the message is playing when they are placed on-hold.

Listen to a Demo

Ready for a 30 day free trial?

Get a professional on-hold soundtrack for your organisation

We work with you as if you were a new client. We’ll provide the use of our equipment, write a custom script, produce your on hold message and let you evaluate our service on your telephone system for a month. This gives you an opportunity to evaluate our service and get results and feedback from your own callers.

If, at the end of the free trial, you want to keep our service, we can make arrangements for you to keep the system in place.

If you don’t wish to continue with the service after the free trial period, there will be no further obligation from you. All we ask is that at the end of the 30 days, you return the telephone On Hold soundtrack and/or equipment.

We’ve made it easy and hassle-free!

On Hold Equipment

When it comes to on hold equipment, finding the right music on hold device for your particular needs can be a challenge.

While there are many on hold device makers, we personally use and recommend the products made by Audivo GmbH, Audio and Voice Solutions. In particular, we find the SP605 MOH MP3 Player for Telephone Systems to be extremely reliable and user-friendly, with many features not available with other players

VoIP Music & Messages On Hold

Music and Messages On Hold are features available on some of the newer IP or VoIP business phone systems. Many of these systems offer two different IP music on hold capabilities either via a Plug and Play Device or Using Digital files.

On Hold Pricing

No Hidden Costs. Guaranteed Success. One Price.

Just like each business is different, so is each On Hold requirement. Some businesses already have a very specific idea of what they need; some businesses need us to tailor our recommendations to best meet their requirements and investment plan. We would hate to put a standard price on something as variable as achieving each business’ unique message and identity.

We do however have a process in place to determine the costs of creating a unique On Hold program for your business very quickly. The cost will mostly depend on the number of updates, the number of sites, the length of the soundtrack and the preferred style and voice talent you might be wanting.

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