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In-Store Music

In Store Music

Music creates emotion, experiences and empowers engagement.  Here at On-Hold Marketing, we’ve partnered with Market Leading In-Store Music Specialists to help bring a unique, powerful music solution for your stores.

Whatever you’re offering, a personalized and purposeful customer experience will always drive greater sales to build lasting customer loyalty. After all, bringing customers back again and again is what it’s all about.

How it Works

We provide a range of options from Royalty-Free Music to Compliance Required music tailored to your unique brand and it’s Brand Voice.  We can provide the equipment needed to stream music directly into your store using your existing AUX & PA System.

Our system is fully compatible of including “Ad Sells” to enable in-store advertisements which On-Hold Marketing can record and provide to you as and when you require.

On Hold Equipment

When it comes to on hold equipment, finding the right music on hold device for your particular needs can be a challenge.

While there are many on hold device makers, we personally use and recommend the products made by Audivo GmbH, Audio and Voice Solutions. In particular, we find the SP605 MOH MP3 Player for Telephone Systems to be extremely reliable and user-friendly, with many features not available with other players

VoIP Music & Messages On Hold

Music and Messages On Hold are features available on some of the newer IP or VoIP business phone systems. Many of these systems offer two different IP music on hold capabilities either via a Plug and Play Device or Using Digital files.

On Hold Pricing

No Hidden Costs. Guaranteed Success. One Price.
Just like each business is different, so is each On Hold requirement. Some businesses already have a very specific idea of what they need; some businesses need us to tailor our recommendations to best meet their requirements and investment plan. We would hate to put a standard price on something as variable as achieving each business’ unique message and identity.

We do however have a process in place to determine the costs of creating a unique On Hold program for your business very quickly. The cost will mostly depend on the number of updates, the number of sites, the length of the soundtrack and the preferred style and voice talent you might be wanting.

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