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Get Social & Beyond

Here at On-Hold Marketing, we combine over 25 years experience in our niche market, it gives us an edge and keeps us on top of whats going on in the industry.

Social is about more than just Facebook and Twitter, from WiFi to Social Media and everything in between we’re here to help you develop a solution that meets your business requirements.

Purple WiFi

Purple is an intelligent spaces company. It evolved from Purple WiFi, the cloud-based marketing and analytics WiFi software company, to take the lead in real-time analytics and marketing for venues and businesses that want to engage with visitors and understand the use of physical spaces.

Social Media Solutions

There’s a lot more to social media, more than just tweeting & throwing a post on Facebook.  Working with On-Hold Marketing we’ll help you develop a social media strategy and implement tool to help you get the most out of your social media properties.

In-Store Music

Music creates emotions, experiences, engagement, and it makes it possible for your brand to acquire a unique position in the minds of your customers.

Whatever you’re offering, a personalized and purposeful customer experience will always drive greater sales to build lasting customer loyalty. After all, bringing customers back again and again is what it’s all about.

We offer a full-service package including design, scheduling, licensing, updates and a range of technical solutions for distribution.

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