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Be Seen - Digital Signage

In-Store Radio, Scent Marketing & Messages On-Hold are just a few of the key areas On-Hold Marketing can assist you with, now we’ve partnered with ProVision, New Zealand’s Projection & Audio Visual Specialists to bring Digital signage options to our clients.

Like all our solutions we work with the best-of-breed leaders in each space to develop a bespoke solution that meets your unique business requirements.

The ProVision Difference

We understand that a good audio visual company shouldn’t just focus on the technical. We understand that all our technological marvels are just tools to improve the human experience, and facilitate better communication. And we understand that in such a fast moving and constantly changing industry, we need to be able to evolve equally quickly to meet the demand for new products and services and upgrade existing ones.

Why consider us? We are AV geeks who really care about your technological experience.

Disperse Content & Messages Quickly & Effectivly

Digital Signage is known by many names, but all of them boil down to sending and receiving an electronic message to a display somewhere on the planet. It is already part of your life; it’s in airports, restaurants, banks, shopping malls, office lobbies, store aisles, post offices, and checkout lanes.

With a little help, you can set up a tailored network that meets your business needs and speaks specifically to your customers, employees, or guests.

The biggest benefit of this medium over traditional static signs is the incredible flexibility of exchanging the content without effort – animations can be shown, the signs can adapt to the context and audience, and even be interactive.

Benefits of Digital Signage

The benefits of Digital Signage

  • Flexibility
  • Agility
  • Dynamic integration
  • Centralised controls
  • Low staffing costs
  • Up-to-the-minute adaptability
  • Increased consumer enjoyment and empowerment

Create a bespoke solution

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