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Voice Studio

Here at On-Hold Marketing, we combine voice and telecommunications.  With over 25 years experience in our niche market, it gives us an edge and keeps us on top of whats going on in the voiceover industry.

All of our voice talent have years of experience as professional voice artists and all voice recordings are recorded using state of the art technology.

Voice Prompts (IVR)

Professional Greetings, also known as Auto Attendant or Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) can set the mood of clients or customers calling into your business.  Organisations with professional sounding voicemail greetings tend to set the standards when it comes to what kind of customer or consumer care they will expect from the company and what they will receive.

Messages OnHold

People who call your business usually call because they want to, and putting them on hold in silence for anything longer than a few seconds is a good way to lose the caller for good. Studies have shown that callers have a threshold of less than 40 seconds when faced with silence.

When your target audience has been deluged with radio or television ads, it is harder for them to pay attention to what you are saying. This is why you should consider doing messages on hold.

In-Store Music

Music creates emotions, experiences, engagement, and it makes it possible for your brand to acquire a unique position in the minds of your customers.

Whatever you’re offering, a personalized and purposeful customer experience will always drive greater sales to build lasting customer loyalty. After all, bringing customers back again and again is what it’s all about.

We offer a full-service package including design, scheduling, licensing, updates and a range of technical solutions for distribution.

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